Our Mission:

Save the world.

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World Saving Hustle

We are an organization determined to fight the world problems we are facing today. The organization is for everyone who wants to learn about and take action to create a world where humans, nature and animals all can exist together in harmony. We strongly believe that the problems we are facing today are interconnected. Therefore, we are working to create a network of different people and organizations so that we can all back each other up when needed, and that way, stand stronger for our cause. To accomplish this, we focus on our self care, education and actions for nature, animal- and human rights.
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our causes


Animal Rights

Human Rights



Local teams

Currently we have teams all over the world, and are actively working to expand nationally and internationally.
If you can’t seem to find a chapter in your city, feel free to contact us, and we will help you set up a chapter. Send us a message on our FB page or mail us at mail@worldsavinghustle.com.



actions / Workshops per year

Each year we deploy over hundred actions for the climate, human rights and animals. Direct action and through raising awareness with calls to action for bystanders to act on, to save the world. More specific numbers will come soon.



Active Hustlers

This is actually just a random number, as we would love to show here how many members we have, but currently we don’t have a system for that. So for now, enjoy the number of hustlers that we are.



Volunteer opportunities

Take action today by volunteering with us!
Click below to find a local team in your city to start making an impact today.

Make a Donation

Donations can be even more important than giving your time and energy directly. Click below to donate to support our work for all causes.