Our Actions

We employ a wide variety of actions towards creating a better world.



A form of street activism raising public awareness of the biggest problems in the world. We will have one team showing the reality of world problems, meanwhile one team will talk to people about what we can do about it as individuals, wether that is making changes to our own habits, by donating money, or by contacting companies and politicians. Read more…


#PICKABAG / #plukkenpose

There is a huge trash problem in the world, and we want to fix this. We organize trash-pick-up events trash pick up events and encourage people to pick up trash on their own time as well. We call it #PlukkEnPose (#PickABag in English). Join us to get rid of the trash problem. Read more…


We hold workshops to educate ourselves on various subjects, wether that is how to take actions towards world problems, how and where to donate money, how to take better care of ourselves and (self-help, self-improvement), communication and how to improve our activism. 



There are plenty of other organizations who is doing great actions, and we don‘t want to create more of what already works. No reason to reinvent the wheel. So instead, we use our communication network and community to tell you about actions by other organizations so that we can join them. Through WSH you will get a reminder of all events from organizations that we collaborate with. So by being in our network, you have a one stop platform to get notified of it all.



coming soon…


coming soon…